Karen Oliver, CPDT-KA

Karen has been training dogs for over 20 years. For the past 12+ years Karen has been running her own successful business that includes doggie daycare for 60 hours per week, while also teaching private lessons and training classes: beginning through advanced, agility, rally-o, scent work, and whatever else seems interesting and fun.

Karen uses the most positive and rewarding methods possible for the dogs being trained. She works with everything from brand new puppies to aggression cases with multiple bites.

Her belief is that you should have rules for your dog so you can live happily together for the dog's entire lifetime. She is dedicated to helping people train their dogs and/or modify their behavior (sometimes the human and sometimes the dog) so the dog can be a happy, agreeable family member. She works extensively with German Shepherds rescue groups and has a sincere love for the breed.