We got a puppy, Marzipan, to be a companion to our older dog, and naturally we loved her from the start; she was funny, very smart, and of course adorable as all puppies are. Soon, though nothing had changed in how we fed her, she began to be very food-aggressive toward me, and quickly became more so. We first engaged a trainer recommended by a coworker, but that trainer made the issue much worse by telling us to use a Gentle Leader (!) to jerk the less-than-6-month-old puppy INTO THE AIR by her head when she showed aggression! We dropped that terrible trainer after one session, and were so lucky to find Suzie. Suzie patiently assessed Marzipan's triggers and demeanor, then worked with us to learn to head off the episodes and to reward the positive behavior. The episodes ended and we continue to vigilantly use her methods. Our Marzipan is a full member of our family once again, and I know that without the help and the insight she brought us, our outcome would be very different. Thank you, Suzie!
-- Marie

Working with Canine Academics has allowed the Napa Valley Dog Training Club to increase the educational opportunities in our area. The seminars are enjoyable, the professionals experienced and knowledgeable, and the materials well presented. At the end of each seminar, attendees are asking for more and wanting to sign up for the next event.
-- Marilane Bergfelt, NVDTC Training Coordinator

We adopted a one year old terrier mix and soon discovered he had not been socialized with other dogs or people. He was sensitive to any change in his environment and he responded by vocalizing loudly and lunging.

Suzie's training help was invaluable. She met with us every other week for several months. We learned how to work with his behavior and effectively train him to respond differently to most situations. The best part was Suzie's understanding and knowledge of a dog's behavior and assessing the needs of our dog. We learned the behavioral "signs" to pay attention to and the appropriate responses to have. We were given very specific exercises to do with our dog in between sessions. The change was slow but steady. Repetition was the key. We effectively shifted his behavior and created an environment that brought out the best in our dog.

Today he goes to the dog park and is off leash and walking with other dogs. What a treat for all of us!

-- Jan Setchko