Sue McGuire, Trainer Accredited by Kay Laurence

Sue McGuire TAKL (Trainer Accredited by Kay Laurence) is the Manager of the Canine Behavior Program at the Humane Society of Sonoma County in Santa Rosa. McGuire instituted a dog-centered approach to caring for the animals in the shelter. Many of the concepts McGuire brought to animal sheltering had previously been used in zoos and aquariums where captive animals, like dogs in a shelter, deserve an enriching day. Enrichment is to a healthy mind as good medical care is to a healthy body. Sue has taught thousands of dog/handler teams how to be the best partners for each other, all the while honoring the needs of the dog. Sue is one of four trainers in the world who has successfully received accreditation from Kay Laurence from Learning About Dogs in the United Kingdom. In addition to having competed in Rally, competition obedience, agility and Nosework, Sue finds her biggest inspirations from the shelter dogs she meets each day. Sue is also the co-host and producer of the hugely successful podcast, “Learning About Dogs” with Kay Laurence. Available on Apple iTunes or your favorite podcast platform.